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A hard time

A hard time - Kathie Hayes

This morning I passed by the office of one of my friends. It was a last minute idea I got, while I was driving though his neighbourhood. Since I did not see him for a while, I thought of surprising him with a short visit. I wanted to call to see if he was in the office, but when I realized I was only a street away from his office, I decided not to call.

A minute later I was in front of the parking lot of the building where he had his office. His blue car was parked there. I made a U-turn and entered his parking lot. When I got off the car, I noted that the truck on my left belonged to a company doing park paving Edmonton. It had a « Go asphalt » logo painted on its right door. I wondered if its driver was one of my friend's clients, or he had just parked there because the clinic across the street had no empty parking spaces.

I entered the building, and headed towards the elevator. My friend’s office was on the third floor. Inside the short elevator ride, I exchanged smiles with an old lady and a pregnant woman. Both got off on the first floor, probably going to the dentist. I knew there were two dentist offices in that floor.

When I reached the third floor, as soon as I stepped out of the elevator, I heard my phone ringing. By the time I took it out of my pocket, it stopped. When I tried to see my missed calls, the battery died. I placed it back inside my pocket and walked towards my friend’s office.

His secretary greeted me, saying that he was having someone in his office, and he would see me shortly. She asked me to have a seat and offered me a cup of coffee, which I did not refuse.
While she went to bring me a coffee, I was able to hear some loud voices coming from my friend’s office. I recognized his voice, and by the tone he was using, I knew he was annoyed. I wondered who the person that he was fighting with was. A few seconds later, I heard a female voice yelling at him, calling him names. The very next second, his office door opened and an elegant woman stormed out, saying “This is by far the end of it!”

I did not know what she meant by that, she seemed very determined. She was surprised to see me there. She had a quick look at me and rushed outside the reception area. Her face did look familiar.

I stood up and knocked on his door. He shouted “Not now!” thinking it was his secretary. I was about to turn around and leave when he raised his eyes and saw me. He apologized for his tone and invited me in. He asked me how much of his conversation I had heard. I pretended I just arrived there. Later on, he confessed that the woman in his office was his wife and she was giving him a hard time with their divorce. I was shocked to hear the news.

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